Permanent Life Insurance 101

What is the catch with whole life insurance?

What is permanent life insurance coverage?

What are the types of permanent life insurance?


Whole Life
(Permanent Life Insurance)

Is permanent insurance the same as whole life?

Permanent life insurance is the category of insurance that whole life insurance falls under. There are several types of permanent life insurance options, traditional whole life, universal life, and variable universal life. They are all designed to be in force for the policy holders entire life.


Permanent  Life Insurance  Types


What Is Whole Life Insurance?

What does whole life insurance mean?
How many years do you pay on a whole life policy?

As the name describes, whole life insurance(also known as permanent life insurance)  is insurance that is supposed to remain in force for your whole life until you die. As long as you keep up with premiums and pass away within policy contract guide lines; then your beneficiary will receive the death benefit.