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Does US Health Insurance Work In Puerto Rico?

If you're planning to move to sunny Puerto Rico, it's worth taking some time to figure out which type of insurance here best suits your needs.

It is important to have adequate health insurance. Also consider life insurance, home, personal property, and business insurance.

Puerto Rico's Medical System and Health Insurance

There is an old saying: “Health is not everything. But without health, everything is lost.” So let's start with an overview of Puerto Rico's medical system and health insurance. Overview of Puerto Rico's Health Care System

Overall, Puerto Rico's healthcare system is similar to the mainland. He is one of the best hotels in the Caribbean. The major cities, especially San Juan and Ponce, have top-quality medical facilities, modern equipment, and large numbers of English-speaking staff. Doctors and dentists are more likely to speak English than nurses, hygienists, and receptionists.

Axilio Mutuo Hospital, Ashford Hospital, and Hospital Pavia Santurce are all located in the San Juan area and are among the best hospitals in Puerto Rico. Most cities and towns also have clinics and hospitals. We recommend researching the best hospitals near your new place of residence beforehand.

Unlike hospitals on the mainland, hospitals here may require patients or their families to provide toiletries and other supplies, such as blankets and pillows, while they are in the hospital. This helps keep medical costs down.

Healthcare costs in Puerto Rico are lower than expected. As of 2020, healthcare costs on the island are over 30% cheaper than the US average.

Puerto Rico health insurance

A prospective resident of Puerto Rico asks, "Will my health insurance cover me in Puerto Rico? Will American health insurance work in Puerto Rico?"

I have good news and bad news. Bad first.

Unfortunately, the insurance you have in your state of residence may not necessarily cover you in Puerto Rico. This is because the islands are not US states. It's a territory, so not all mainland rules apply here. Since the healthcare providers here are different, so are the insurance providers.

When moving to Puerto Rico, you may need to cancel your current health insurance plan and get a new plan for Puerto Rico. That means you should invest time and effort into finding the best health insurance options for you and your loved ones. save money and be closer to home

The good news is that switching to Puerto Rico health insurance can benefit you in many ways.

The island offers many affordable health insurance options while enjoying life as a true Puerto Rican. Many American expats are happy to learn that new health insurance on the island offers better coverage at a lower cost.

Additionally, changing your current insurer and doctor to an island doctor will bring you one step closer to meeting the requirements associated with bona fide residency. This status is required to take advantage of Puerto Rico's generous tax incentives. This can save you a huge amount of money. To be considered a true resident, you must pass a tighter connectivity test. This means convincing her IRS that Puerto Rico has stronger ties than the rest of the United States.

When considering health insurance options, you should carefully consider which medical expenses and pre-existing conditions are covered. Find out how much it costs for doctor visits and prescription drug co-payments for each option you're interested in. Please estimate your cost. What are the deductibles and health insurance limits under such policies?

Please note that some insurance policies do not cover ambulance costs in the event of a medical emergency (costs vary by medical insurance). If you choose insurance without such coverage, keep a few hundred dollars in cash in case you need ambulance service.

Public Health Insurance in Puerto Rico

One option is to enroll in statutory health insurance. Puerto Rico's special Medicaid program provides low-income individuals free or low-cost medical services. About half of Puerto Rico's population is eligible for Medicaid, which is somewhat different from the mainland.

The Puerto Rico Department of Health and the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Commission jointly implement this program with significant financial support to the island from the United States federal government.

Learn more about monthly income eligibility requirements here. If you are wealthy, like most U.S. residents who move to the islands, you may not be eligible for the benefits of Medicaid services in Puerto Rico. Still, it's useful to know about this program. Especially if you are going through difficult times during this time of great economic volatility.

Puerto Rico Private Health Insurance

Many American expats choose Puerto Rico private health insurance, which offers a higher standard of care and convenience. Many Puerto Rico private insurance companies are also willing to cover existing conditions.

Overall, the cost of private health insurance in Puerto Rico is lower than on the mainland, making it a generally affordable option. However, prices vary by health insurance and provider.

Compare health insurance options.

If you're looking for health insurance, there are four good options to consider.

triple s


first medicine

Plan de Socio Auxilio Mutuo

Each provider offers different plans and services, so it's worth checking out their website. For example, Triple-S covers many medical procedures with direct planning. The provider also offers her TeleConsultaMD app, which allows users to talk online with doctors anytime between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In 2020, Triple-S launched a prescription drug delivery app that allows users to easily and conveniently pick up their medications without leaving home. Triple S members can have prescription drugs delivered directly to their homes free of charge. Given the ongoing pandemic, this is an especially attractive option for some.

While his four health insurance providers above only apply to Puerto Rico, Triple-S offers emergency service in the US as long as the US provider is part of his Blue Cross Blue Shield group.

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