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How to Find Out If Someone Has Life Insurance?

If a loved one has passed away, you are aware of how difficult it may be to comb through paperwork to discover what you need to handle their estate. When it comes to a life insurance policy, you might not have any supporting documentation and be unsure whether your loved one even had a policy.

Do not fret. In order to prevent your family from losing out on money that could assist in a time of need, we'll walk you through numerous ways to find out if someone has life insurance.

There are five ways to locate a life insurance policy.

Finding someone's life insurance policy can be done in a number of methods, including:

Use the life policy locators provided by NAIC, MIB Group, or NAUPA.

To check out if someone has life insurance, use the free Life Policy Locator service provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). You must enter the deceased person's details in order to utilise the tool:

  • The number for Social Security (SSN)

  • First and last names legally

  • Birth date, death date

Over 400 member companies in the US and Canada receive underwriting services from the MIB association. The executor or administrator of the decedent's estate may use the MIB Policy Locator Service to look up a life insurance policy. The surviving spouse or the nearest living relative may file a request if no executor was named.

The following must be sent through the mail to the MIB service:

  • Filled-out and notarized application

  • Certified copy of a death

  • $75 in certified check or money order

Unclaimed property can be found in every state thanks to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) assistance. On the NAUPA website, you can find links to the treasury departments of many states. You can also use to do a more thorough search.

Close financial associates of the deceased may know life insurance policies. Don't forget to get in touch with your old employers, attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors.

Examine the supporting materials

Sometimes physical mail or email can offer hints if you're unsure of which firm might be in possession of a loved one's life insurance policy. Examine file cabinets, safe deposit boxes, and other places where your loved one may have kept critical papers. To determine whether someone paid premiums to a life insurance provider, you might also be able to examine bank data.

Send an Inquiry to the State Registries

You might be able to locate a record of a life insurance policy in the state registry if you are aware of the state where it was issued. The NAUPA website provides links to the state registries.

You must submit a claim after discovering unclaimed property in order to establish ownership. You might require the deceased's legal name, date of birth, date of death, and last known address in order to submit the claim, just like with the database searches mentioned above.

To review policies, get in touch with us

If you think a deceased person held a life insurance policy with Fidelity Life, call customer service to discuss your options or file a claim using a form tailored to your state.

How to determine if you are a beneficiary of life insurance

When you locate a life insurance policy, you can determine if you are a beneficiary by contacting the life insurance provider. If it turns out that you are a beneficiary, you will need to file a claim in order to receive any insurance funds.

You'll need to submit a death certificate, the details of the policy, and a claim form in order to submit a life insurance claim as the beneficiary. The insurance provider will then cooperate with you to resolve the claim.

Final Words

One of the best decisions you can make is life insurance when it comes to providing financial security for your family. However, life insurance is a subject we frequently ignore or completely avoid, even when it comes to talking about it among close family members.

Make careful to discuss your insurance with your loved ones if you already have it. Get a quotation and determine how much coverage you require if you don't already have insurance. You can find out more about whole life insurance's operation.

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