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Getting the right life insurance is important for your financial future. To help you decide, here's informationabout financial products we offer.

What do these terms mean?

Tax Advantaged#1:

  • Death benefits paid under a life insurance are generally income tax-free to the beneficiaries.

  • Whole life insurance builds cash value that is available to you when you need it by taking out a certificate loan#2.

Fixed Amount:

 Premium payments are paid throughout the duration of the Policy and will remain the same regardless of the increase in age or health condition. In regards to Term insurance, the fixed premium payments are available for 10, 15, and 30 years. Single Premium Whole Life requires only one premium payment.

Guaranteed Values over Time: 

Since the certificate covers the insured person's entire life, there's a guaranteed payout amount when they pass away. There may also be additional cash value accumulated over their life.

Set Premium Payment Schedule: 

You can select the frequency of premium payments (monthly, quarterly, or annually). Once the certificate is fully paid, the premium payments will stop.